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Sarti, Sithonia, Halkidiki


The second peninsula of Halkidiki, Sithonia, is well known for its natural beauty, the exotic coasts and the archaeological and historical interest of its regions. It is a very popular destination because the diversity of landscape corresponds in the preferences of each visitor. The region combines mountain with sea, crouded beaches with virgin, lonely coasts,  endless sandy beaches with graphic creeks, big hotels with graphic rented rooms and camping, cosmopolitan restaurants with graphic fish-taverns.

Sithonia despite its tourist exploitation has not lost its natural beauty. In the southern department of Sithonian peninsula, in the Municipality of Toroni, you can find so much more unexplored and wild beaches, that in combination with the small ports and the graphic coastal villages create a landscape of incomparable beauty.


Sarti belongs in the Municipality of Toroni, who abstains 140 km from Thessaloniki. The village of Sarti was founded by refugees from Minor Asia. The village was initially named New Afisia. The current name of village (Sarti) comes from the King Sartio or Sarti that lived in this region and had built in this place a state, Sartoupoli, which was sunk.

The beach of Sarti is very well-known, as it is rewarded with the light blue flag for many years and is distinguished as one of the 10 best beaches of Greece, in international on-line voting (www.thalassa.gr). You can enjoy its crystal aquamarine waters and its golden-sand beach, also marinely sport, as windsurfing, marine ski, banana etc. In the area you will also find beach-bars full of life but also lonely deserted creeks with turquoise waters and pines that offer their shade, creating an idyllic picture (Kavoyrotrypes, Orange, Platanitsi, Achlada, Armenistis etc.).

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