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Enjoy Wind Surfing in Sarti beach

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The term that connects the wind with the wave, on a board you feel the need to find the 6th sense, that you’ve been searching for years, when you come in contact with the air and the sea and try to find a way to control them.

When you create paths next to seabirds, you feel that you are becoming one with the air and the sea.

The force and the magic of wind surfing is within the freedom of body and soul.

What you should know if you are a beginner:

The best thing you should do before byuing the equipment, is to visit some faculty surfing, in order to learn the basic things for the sport. For those who begin the sport for first time the best beaches are those with shallow waters, so that they help the beginner to keep the balance that needs, with air mediocre and small undulation.
If however you dare to begin alone, then you should know:

The equipment for a beginner is constituted by the board, the cloth, bunch, and the most basic is the uniform.

The cloth should be light and small in surface, in order that the jockey can remove it easily outside of water.

The board it is about 3.00 to 3.20 meters, in order to not sink, when the jockey is overweight and in order to remain on the board even with little air.

Basic element in order for you to enjoy surfing is choosing the suitable region and beach.

In Attica the better beaches for beginners are: Boyliagmeni, Barkiza, Nea Makri, the Very wet, Marathonas, Oropos, Chalkoytsi and Kalamos.

In Peloponnese are Drepano, Saint Ilias, Katakolo, Foinikoyntas and Kalamata.

In Halkidiki, the Nea Roda, Sarti and Gerakini.

In Vassiliki of Lefkada, the all gulf is submerged from surfing. In most of them function also faculties.

In Cyclades, Paros, Naxos, Apple, Mykonos, Serifos and Kythnos, the things become difficult, because as we know big undulation prevails.

The basic for a beginner is the air, which should be mediocre, in order for the jockey to keep his balance and blow always to the beach, from right or from left, so that it cannot be removed from it. Do not attempt to surf when the air blows to the open sea.
Acquiring self-confidence and you want to surf in the open sea with strong wind, dare to do so when are next to other surfers or you are watched from the coast.
You should know that the wind during the summer months has constant fluctuation with its bigger force the of midday hours.

As in all sports, and in surfing alcohol is prohibited before the sailing route.

Inform your familiar where you will go and when you will return.

Respect the bathers in the beach.

Check your equipment and if you doubt for something do not begin

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